Attica - Mr.Antonis

This grove of 124 trees is in Attica, on the way from Athens to Lavrio. Mr Antonis' plan is to pass over the grove to his children and try to put in the extra effort and financial investment for an organic olive oil production. For the moment, he provides olive oil to the tavernas of this region.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

The extra virgin olive oils we include in your retreeve box are carefully selected and certified for their great quality. This way you will enjoy every time both a great taste, as well as all the nutritional benefits for your olive oil.

Hestia (meaning Hearth) is mentioned in mythology as the first born child of Cronus and Rhea and she customarily received the first offering at each sacrifice of the household. So we decided to name our first extra virgin olive oil after the greek goddess of the hearth. An excellent quality monovarietal olive oil from the Koroneiki variety, the flagship of greek olive varieties. Its very low acidity (0,22) and its high content in phenols (449) make it ideal for our healthy and delicious every day meals.

Demeter was worshipped as the mother of Earth, the goddess of harvest, agriculture and fertility. The harvest depended on her favor, so our early harvest EVOO is named in honor of her. Its rich olive fruity taste with a peppery finish are a reason to enjoy it raw either to boost your salads taste or for finishing your dishes. Low acidity (0,22) and full in antioxidants (phenols:700) it is a must-comsume.

Aphrodite is the goddess-symbol of beauty, love, pleasure, sexuality and procreation. Her unparalleled beauty and her vivid character are used as characteristics of an extremely healthy person. And our ultra-premium EVOO could not but take her name. A monovarietal extra virgin olive oil, from the Olympia ancient variety, the richest in phenols throughout Greece (700). Your daily superfood, ideal also for cosmetic use, for a skin reminding of Aphrodite.

With each adoption

This act of kindness towards the general good will definitely induce a serotonin release that will make you feel fulfilled and happy. But we will make sure that this feeling keeps coming again and again back to you. As a reminder of your gesture, you will:

  • Name a tree with a name of your choice
  • Get an Adoption Certificate
  • Receive a photo with the name you chose on your tree
  • Get the exact location of your tree
  • Have the chance to participate in the harvest or visit your tree at any time you are in Greece
  • Get your retreeve box
    (Hard copy of your adoption cerficate, a booklet with info, 3 bottles of EVOO)

After the final step we will contact you so we can include a personalized message to the receiver of the gift.

For more than one tree use , (comma) between the names