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Adopting a tree through retreeve you support Greek small-scale farmers to sustain their groves. Furthermore, retreeve encourages the farmers to participate in environmental seminars regarding sustainable farming techniques such as agroforestry and organic farming.

We remind them the need to preserve the natural environment and the requirements for farms to develop in conjunction with the local ecology.

We reward and buy the great quality products and use them in our retreeve boxes. At the same time, we give people around the world the possibility to get to know those products and open new markets for the small-scale farmers.

This act of kindness will definitely induce a serotonin release that will make you feel fulfilled and happy. But we will make sure that this feeling keeps coming again and again back to you. As a reminder of your gesture, you will:

  • Name a tree with a name of your choice
  • Get an Adoption Certificate
  • Receive a photo with the name you chose on your tree
  • Get the exact location of your tree
  • Have the chance to participate in the harvest or visit your tree at any time you are in Greece
  • Get your retreeve box
    (Hard copy of your adoption cerficate, a booklet with info, 3 bottles of EVOO)

We have done big research around olive tree farming and calculated the cost needed to preserve a grove with olive trees. The adoption cost is approx. 0,60 per day and a fixed amount per tree is going directly to the farmer.

The extra virgin olive oils we include in our retreeve boxes are carefully selected and certified for their excellent quality. As it would be difficult to ensure a great result and adequate quantity every year from each grove, we have chosen not to send you necessarily the olive oil from your tree, but instead a guaranteed and awarded olive oil for each adoption. This way you will enjoy every time both a great taste, as well as all the nutritional benefits from your olive oil.

For your best experience, every year we buy a specific quantity of awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil per grove. This way our retreeve boxes are not directly affected by the harvest periods. Your retreeve box will be shipped within 3 to 4 weeks of the adoption date.

Retreeve Boxes are sent worldwide using Door to Door services.
Greece: Products are shipped via SPEEDEX COURIER and the cost of shipment is FREE of charge.
Rest of World: Products are shipped via DHL.

If anything goes wrong, guarantees your money back. In order for you to feel safer, we have chosen to use Stripe as a payment method. Stripe provides you the security that unless we are fully aligned with their policy, you will immediately get your money back.