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The origins of the Olive Tree in the Prehistoric Aegean

Where do we find for the first time an olive tree? Is it Syria? Asia Minor? Crete? Actually, none of the above is the answer. Maybe the Mediterranean basin had the perfect climate for the olive tree to thrive, but it is the small island of Santorini that was hiding in its volcanic soil a big surprise...

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Benefits Of Olive Oil On Our Health

I assume you`ve heard before about how beneficial the olive oil is for our health. And everyone has a friend somewhere in the world that consumes 2 tablespoons of olive oil per day to make sure he exceeds the 100 years of life. But what is it exactly that makes this green liquid an elixir of life? And as a Greek who respects her origin, when I talk about olive oil, I always mean the extra virgin olive oil, extracted mechanically, what they call cold-pressing.

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The best gift from Athena Goddess

The story begins in a mythical time, back when the city had just been founded. Its first king was Cecrops, a man born directly from the earth of this town, described as half a serpent and half a man. Cerops was an exceptional ruler and during his days the city thrived. The king had named the city Cecropia after himself. But the hadn’t yet chosen a God to protect them.