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Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Adopt an olive tree from its motherland

Encourage sustainability and support younger generations to keep on nurturing the trees that promote our wellness.

Be a member of a team encouraging sustainability and wellness


Be an active member of Crowdfarming


Help small-scale farmers to sustain their groves


Treat yourself with some of the best Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils


Revive abandoned groves and make Earth a greener place

There is no plant which bears a fruit of as great importance as the olive
Pliny the Elder


Through retreeve

hands in olives

Retreeve is our ikigai, what gives us a purpose to live and adds fulfillment to our busy lives. If you share our values, we would love to welcome you to our family and altogether contribute to creating a better future. How we are accomplishing that?

Athena Shield
Support Greek small-scale farmers of Historic Groves

Adopt a tree and support small-scale farmers maintain their groves

Greek scale
Encourage Sustainability

Through sustainability we will be able to inherit the next generations a safe place to live

Share our vision for a healthier world

Experience yourself the healing effects of a plant-based diet through the Mediterranean ingredients

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Create a strong bond with Greece

Get a Greek Root, visit your tree next time you are in Greece

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Receive your Retreeve box

Get awarded, enjoy some of the best Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


How we support local farmers

We research and locate groves that require attention and struggling small-scale farmers. Through crowdfarming and the adoption of trees, we economically support the maintenance of the grove.

We remind them of the need to preserve the natural environment and the requirements for farms to develop in conjunction with the local ecology.

We reward and buy the great quality products and include them in our retrεεve boxes acquired through the adoption. At the same time, we give people around the world the possibility to get to know those products and open new markets for small-scale farmers.

grove in Korinthos

We start with
olive trees

Our goal is to support the cultivation of several precious plants of our land. We decided to start with the one that is considered as a gift from the Gods.

“The richest gift of Heaven”, Thomas Jefferson


With each adoption

This act of kindness towards the general good will definitely induce a serotonin release that will make you feel fulfilled and happy. But we will make sure that this feeling keeps coming again and again back to you. As a reminder of your gesture, you will:

  • Name a tree with a name of your choice
  • Get an Adoption Certificate
  • Receive a photo with the name you chose on your tree
  • Get the exact location of your tree
  • Have the chance to participate in the harvest or visit your tree at any time you are in Greece
  • Get your retreeve box
    (Hard copy of your adoption certificate, a booklet with info, 3 bottles of EVOO)
Adopt a tree

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

The extra virgin olive oils we include in your retreeve box are carefully selected and certified for their great quality. This way you will enjoy every time both a great taste, as well as all the nutritional benefits for your olive oil.

Hestia (meaning Hearth) is mentioned in mythology as the first born child of Cronus and Rhea and she customarily received the first offering at each sacrifice of the household. So we decided to name our first extra virgin olive oil after the greek goddess of the hearth. An excellent quality monovarietal olive oil from the Koroneiki variety, the flagship of greek olive varieties. Its very low acidity (0,22) and its high content in phenols (449) make it ideal for our healthy and delicious every day meals.

Demeter was worshipped as the mother of Earth, the goddess of harvest, agriculture and fertility. The harvest depended on her favor, so our early harvest EVOO is named in honor of her. Its rich olive fruity taste with a peppery finish are a reason to enjoy it raw either to boost your salads taste or for finishing your dishes. Low acidity (0,22) and full in antioxidants (phenols:700) it is a must-comsume.

Aphrodite is the goddess-symbol of beauty, love, pleasure, sexuality and procreation. Her unparalleled beauty and her vivid character are used as characteristics of an extremely healthy person. And our ultra-premium EVOO could not but take her name. A monovarietal extra virgin olive oil, from the Olympia ancient variety, the richest in phenols throughout Greece (700). Your daily superfood, ideal also for cosmetic use, for a skin reminding of Aphrodite.


Do you enjoy mythology? Are you into nutrition? Would you like to learn more about the history behind the most famous agricultural products? Or some fun facts about them? A new story will be waiting to entertain you every week!

olive tree in Acropolis

The origins of the Olive Tree in the Prehistoric Aegean

Maybe the Mediterranean basin had the perfect climate for the olive tree to thrive, but it is the small island of Santorini that was hiding in its volcanic soil a big surprise for the Department of the Historical Geology and Paleontology: fossilized leaves of the European olive (Olive Europea Oleaster) together with palm, mystique, and tamarisk leaves, where protected in the volcano ash, dating back to 60.000 years ago.

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olives and olive oil

Benefits of olive oil

I assume you`ve heard before about how beneficial olive oil is for our health. And everyone has a friend somewhere in the world that consumes 2 tablespoons of olive oil per day to make sure he exceeds the 100 years of life. But what is it exactly that makes this green liquid an elixir of life? And as a Greek who respects her origin, when I talk about olive oil, I always mean the extra virgin olive oil, extracted mechanically, what they call cold-pressing.

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Olive gift

The best gift from Athena Goddess

The clock is turning back in this time of history when Athens was being born as a city-state. At this time every city of ancient Greece hoped a God would choose it and look after its people. After all, Gods always loved having people worshiping them in impressive temples and bringing them gifts. In most cases, they were useless gifts for a God, but they enjoyed getting them anyway.

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